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Bathroom remodeling by empire kitchen & bath.

This is a space that you adore and where you start your day and most likely end your day. An outdated and small cramped space is anything but desirable. Let us give it a modern makeover that will have a timeless and stylish look for you to enjoy for years to come. Empire Kitchen & Bath are experienced bathroom remodelers and have done hundreds bathroom remodels. Our bathroom remodeling team is here to help you get that bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Allow us to take that outdated and cramped bathroom into a luxurious spa. This will certainly be the best place to start and end your day when complete. Give us a call for your bathroom consultation today.

empire kitchen & bath

Ultra-Modern Remodeling.

The bathroom is the room that nobody can live without. Luxury bathroom remodel ideas. There are many options to choose from when starting to plan a bathroom remodel. This is why we begin our bathroom remodel consultation to find out a little more about your wants and needs. This helps us create a more clear vision of what you are envisioning. We will start out by asking a few questions to see what design will be perfect for you.

Are you looking for a simple remodel? Or looking for a complete overhaul? How does the home’s age and aesthetics impact the bathroom? What are some of your “must-haves”? Double sink vanity? Rainfall shower head? Larger shower? 

Empire Bath Remodeling

This is your bathroom. We are simply crafting your masterpiece. So, if you are the type that has a bunch of Pinterest boards that are full of ideas you love, share them! Have torn out magazine ideas, let us see! Whatever you have that can express what you are envisioning is ideal. However, if you are the type that has no clue or idea, we can help you with that as well. We will take the time to understand what your goals are in this remodel as well as your style. We are here to help you with each step. And, don’t be shy about correcting us.

Luxury bathroom design & remodel

At Empire Kitchen & Bath we are committed to excellence. We understand that the bathroom is the smallest room in the home; it also is the room with a big impact. It impacts your personal comfort as well as your home’s resale value. Allow us to transform your outdated bathroom to a spa-like retreat.

Countertops & cabinets

There are countless countertop options that look great when paired with the proper cabinetry. Recently natural stone, tile, and recycled materials are being paired up with wood and laminate cabinets which offers a timeless look.

Choosing fixtures

We work at reconfiguring interior space, as well as the fixtures. We will work within your space to improve usability and function. No matter the size of vision, we are here to offer an affordable solution.

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empire kitchen & bath

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Let us transform those amazing ideas you have in your head, to reality with Empire Kitchen & Bath, we are here to make your dreams and bathroom desires come true. Remodeling your bathroom has endless possibilities. If you have very specific ideas or no idea at all, we can help. Our expertise is there to create what you are envisioning with ease. We work with clients that have existing layouts as well as those that have a blank slate and are working from scratch. We have successfully remodeled hundreds of bathrooms and are ready to put our great expertise to use for you.

Trust us to be your professional remodeling expert. We are ready to make those dreams of an amazing kitchen into reality. Let us help you with upgrading and updating your bathroom. Request a bathroom remodel consultation now as there has never been a greater time to give yourself that kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Empire Kitchen & Batch is a renowned company in the field of remodeling & design. Empire Kitchen & Bath was founded in 2010 in California, USA by Name goes here … etc.

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